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The Alberta Broker Magazine Past Issues
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The Alberta Broker is the official publication of IBAA, published six times a year.
Keep informed about issues, events, and education for brokers throughout Alberta.


The Alberta Broker, February–March (standard PDF)

Man-to-Man Coverage
Every MLA and MP (over 250 are rookies) needs to hear from an IBAA member ASAP! (p. 12)
  • Should you recommend claims-made or occurrence coverage? (p. 6)
  • Liability risks and concerns about autonomous vehicles (p. 30)
  • Adapting to the shared economy (p. 36)


The Alberta Broker, December 2015–January 2016 (standard PDF)

Man-to-Man Coverage
Every MLA and MP (over 250 are rookies) needs to hear from an IBAA member ASAP! (p. 12)
  • Should you recommend claims-made or occurrence coverage? (p. 6)
  • Liability risks and concerns about autonomous vehicles (p. 30)
  • Adapting to the shared economy (p. 36)

The Alberta Broker, October–November (standard PDF)

Uber Ride Sharing
Are your customer’s covered? (p. 12)

  • Faster service for clients, lower costs for your brokerage (p. 6)
  • What you need to understand about contractor’s equipment coverage (p. 16)
  • What type of course IS the best way to prepare for your CAIB exams? (p. 26)

The Alberta Broker, August–September 2015 (standard PDF)

The Customer Experience
Shifting Perception from PRICE to VALUE (page 10)

  • Your clients just started a home-based business—ensure you’ve got them covered (p. 16)
  • Find tools and information to help you navigate the marketplace now that overland water coverage is “available” (p. 26)
  • What happened to the driver who forgot to renew her license and then, you guessed it, was involved in a collision? (p. 36)

The Alberta Broker, June–July 2015 (standard PDF)

Revved Up
Find out more about IBAA’s new president Robyn Young and her passion for her business, industry, and the association (p. 22)
  • Overland flood coverage hits Alberta’s home insurance market (p. 6)
  • Understanding sub-limits and extensions of coverage (p. 16)
  • Brokers are at risk every time a carrier or a client makes a change—learn how to minimize your E&O exposure (p. 30)

The Alberta Broker, April–May 2015 (standard PDF)

Passion Player—Paul Brandt—IBAA Convention Keynote Speaker
Paul Brandt has a lot to say about what it means to live, and fail, with passion (p. 8)
  • Ever had a client contend that he would have purchased coverage if only you’d told him about it? (p. 24)
  • There’s a new tool you can use to show you care about the safety of your clients’ children (p. 44)
  • Read about all there will be to see, do, and learn at the IBAA convention in our guide (p. 33) and get tips on how to get the most value from your experience (p. 52)


The Alberta Broker, February–March 2015 (standard PDF)

The Art of NOT Selling
18 Ways to Sell Insurance Under the Radar on Social Media—where users want to be social, not to be sold to (p. 6)

  • IBAC reveals light at the end of the tunnel with the tech solution that will finally put an end to dual processing (p. 15)
  • Insuring marijuana grow ops (p. 16)
  • IBAA announces a suite of "Sage Business Boosters"—from apps that reduce staff processing time or help your clients mitigate flood damage (p. 35) to programs that can reduce electricity costs by 25% or eliminate debit/credit card processing (p. 30)


Congratulations to the winner of the 2014 Alberta Broker Reader Survey draw: Rachel Christopher, Leibel MacMillan Insurance Services Ltd., Edmonton!
The Alberta Broker, December 2014–January 2015 (standard PDF)

Worthy Pursuit
Is pursuing a designation worth the time and effort? What are the benefits and challenges? Brokers weigh in with their thoughts and advice (p. 6)

  • Find out how IBAA not only represents your and your fellow insurance broker's interests but also advocates for your clients (p. 16)
  • Not-for-profits can generate profitable business (p. 18)
  • Can a claimant actually get an advance payment before a court makes its decision? (p. 35)
Special WHL Insurance Goal Insert
Get into the game! IBAA and the other western insurance broker associations team up to deliver branding and community-relations opportunities for member brokers (p. 21).

The Alberta Broker, October–November 2014 (standard PDF)

What Would You Do?
Take the quiz to see how you would deal with these seven broker dilemmas (p. 6)

  • Ever had one of “those” clients? Here are suggestions for dealing with these challenges (p. 16).
  • Alberta clients face marine-related risks? You’d be surprised (p. 32).
  • There are lots of professional development providers out there … so why choose IBAA PD? (p. 36)

The Alberta Broker, August–September 2014 (standard PDF)

To Claim or Not to Claim?
How should you respond when your client asks you this common question? (p. 12)

  • 40% of insurance research is performed on mobile devices; is your brand “mobilized”? (p. 18)
  • Cyber liability and E&O risk management (p. 26)
  • Tips and tricks to tackle multiple choice exams (p. 32)

The Alberta Broker, June–July 2014 (standard PDF)

The Cowan Code
Find out more about the “gentleman cowboy” who has taken the reins of IBAA as the 2014–15 president (p. 6)
  • Catch a glimpse of what happened at the 2014 IBAA convention in the photo gallery (p. 19)
  • June is membership renewal time—here’s a refresher on how your association delivers value to you (p. 26)
  • Dos and Don’ts of social media marketing (p. 40)

The Alberta Broker, April–May 2014 (standard PDF)

Prairie Power: The 2014 IBAA Convention Guide. Who’s speaking? What’s happening? Who’s there? (p. 26)
  • Can brokers lead the telematics solution in Alberta? (p. 12)
  • CYA advice in case clients aren’t always totally honest on their applications (p. 22)
  • Wealthy clients sue broker claiming he should have known they’d need more jewelry coverage (p. 36)

The Alberta Broker, February–March 2014 (standard PDF)

Power Dragon: Arlene Dickinson, Keynote Speaker at the 2014 IBAA Convention, Talks About Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Recovering from the 2013 Calgary Flood (p. 6)
  • How to attract and service construction industry clients (p. 14)
  • A broker answers an important question about the IBAA convention: What’s in it for me? (p. 12)
  • Why more commercial clients need boiler and machinery coverage than you think (E&O risk) (p. 20)


The Alberta Broker, December 2013–January 2014 (standard PDF)
Ready for Takeoff: A Look at Six New Entrants into the Alberta Insurance Brokerage Scene—Bucking the Consolidation Trend (p. 6)
  • Brokers cautioned against advising clients on property valuation (p. 10)
  • Don’t wait until the next “event”—a checklist to get your disaster communication plan in place (p. 22)
  • Hope for High River—a look at how one broker lead his community to help its southern neighbours (p. 38)

The Alberta Broker, October–November, 2013 (standard PDF)

The Right Stuff: How to Attract and Hire the Best Person for Your Team (p. 6)
  • IBAA invited industry stakeholders to kick start a conversation about the property insurance “situation.” Find out what happened (p. 20)
  • October 20–26 is National Small Business Week—Discover 7 Facts That Will Breathe Life into Your Business (p. 24)
  • In the wake of the flood crisis, is there an opportunity for insurance professionals to make people’s lives better? (p. 44)

The Alberta Broker, August–September, 2013 (standard PDF)

It’s Time for “The Talk"
Premiums and deductibles going up while coverage decreases is not something that most brokers look forward to talking about with their clients; but IBAA vice president Robyn Young makes the case that educating clients about changing property insurance has never been more important (p. 14)
  • Client starts a home-based carpentry business. Client suffers a loss that is denied by the insurer. Client sues broker … (p. 10)
  • Does it mean more if a pat on the back comes from a peer? (p. 30)
  • Make your fall education plan (p. 37)

The Alberta Broker, June–July 2013 (standard PDF)

The Enders Zone: background, views, and goals of IBAA’s 2013–14 president, Gord Enders
(p. 6)
  • Ever wonder how your IBAA dues get spent and what you get for your membership? (pp. 4 and 28)
  • Recent court case highlights the importance of ensuring your customers understand what they are, and are not, getting (p. 40)
  • 2013 IBAA Convention Photo Gallery (p. 24)

The Alberta Broker, April–May 2013 (standard PDF)

Doing it Right, IBAA convention features Mike Holmes (and complete convention preview) (p.6)
  • Addressing AIC accountability (p. 3)
  • Customer Service—Do you see what they see? (p. 20)
  • Tips to avoid errors in remarketing accounts (p. 50)

The Alberta Broker, February–March 2013 (standard PDF)

What Makes Them Great? The difference between good and great brokers (p.6)
  • How to lead your former peers? (p. 16)
  • Will a lawyer’s professional insurance package cover him when he drinks, dances and falls on an employee at a social function? (p. 22)
  • Find out what brokers across the province say they’re looking for with IBAA professional development (p. 36)

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