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The Alberta Broker Magazine Past Issues
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The Alberta Broker Magazine Past Issues

News, events, trends, and advice for Alberta insurance brokers

The Alberta Broker is the official publication of IBAA, published six times a year.


The Alberta Broker, December 2018–January 2019 (standard PDF)

Cover Story
Are You CLICK Worthy?

268 insurance broker websites were analyzed. More than 65% of visitors left within 10 seconds. What's missing? How does your website measure up? (p. 8)

Also inside

  • What’s the P&C’s economic footprint in Alberta? (p. 14)
  • Keeping wealth in the family—A case study (p. 22)
  • Do you have the skills of an “enlightened” business leader? (p. 26)

The Alberta Broker, October–November 2018 (standard PDF)

Cover Story
Keeping It in the Family

This new approach helps smooth the process of passing on family wealth. (p. 8)

Also inside

  • Alcohol + Drugs + Driving = A Costly Lesson (p. 14)
  • What has IBAA been doing on the members’ behalf? Get up to speed with this new column on our busy past few months (p. 26)
  • Are you stuck in a rut? (p. 30)

The Alberta Broker, August–September 2018 (standard PDF)

Cover Story
Whole Lotta Love

How did you become an insurance broker? Why do you still choose this career? What gives it “meaning”?
Fourteen IBAA members share their answers to these questions. (p. 8)

Also inside

  • Court ruling could have made policy wording meaningless (p. 16)
  • Let’s get loud … it’s time to raise your voice on auto insurance (p. 21)
  • What do brokers have that direct writers don’t, and how can you let people know about it? (p. 26)

The Alberta Broker, June–July 2018 (standard PDF)

Cover Story
Value Proposition

IBAA’s new president Paul VanderHooft aims to promote (and deliver) association value. (p. 6)

Also inside

  • It’s dues time … want to know what you get in return for your membership dollars? (p. 18)
  • Why mentoring matters (p. 34)
  • 2018 IBAA convention coverage: see “Northern Exposure” (p. 4), “Chinook Country Report” (p. 26), and the convention Photo Gallery (p. 22)

The Alberta Broker, April–May 2018 (standard PDF)

Cover Story
The Customer Experience Puzzle
Solve It and Watch Your Business Grow!

Learn eight key factors that drive a great customer experience (hint: it’s different than great customer service). (p. 12)

Also inside

  • In case of emergency … are you ready? Share this important information with your clients (p. 7)
  • Get all the not-so-top-secret info on the 2018 IBAA convention (p. 23)
  • Advocacy is often touted as the primary benefit of associations like IBAA. How does IBAA put that mandate into action? (p. 32)

The Alberta Broker, February–March 2018 (standard PDF)

Cover Story
Building Business

Spring is coming (honestly!) and that means construction activity will be ramping up. If you have (or want) construction industry clients—from landscapers to general contractors—consider these important factors to serve them well. (p. 8)

Also inside

  • Overland water and earthquake, non-digital brokers, the broker channel in 5–10 years … find out what company CEOs had to say on these “Hot Topics” and more (p. 16)
  • The risk of advising your clients not to file a claim (p. 20)
  • How PYIB is working to attract new brokers and help them succeed (p. 28)

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