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The Alberta Broker Magazine Past Issues
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The Alberta Broker Magazine Past Issues

The Alberta Broker is the official publication of IBAA, published six times a year.
Keep informed about issues, events, and education for brokers throughout Alberta.


The Alberta Broker, December 2017–January 2018 (standard PDF)

Cover Story
Making the Cut: David Chilton Named IBAA 2018 Convention Keynote Speaker

What can you expect to hear from the famed Wealthy Barber author, and Dragon? (p. 7)

Also inside

  • Court confirms duties of insurance brokers and applicants for disclosure of material facts (p.10)
  • Did we get it right in Fort McMurray? Industry leaders weigh in (p. 18)
  • Honing their craft—congratulations to the 2017 CAIB grads (p. 28). Send them a message to recognize their commitment to professionalism

The Alberta Broker, October–November 2017 (standard PDF)

Cover Story
Taking the Digital Plunge: A Step-by-Step Guide for Brokers

—Oh no, another technology article! Fear not, this one goes beyond dire warnings and focuses on ideas you can put into play today! (p. 12)

Also inside

  • A new crowd of fresh recruits is entering your workforce. Meet generation Z—Who are they? What do they want? How do you attract and manage them? (p. 6)
  • The crusade to cure cancer continues—find out what’s happening with WICC (p. 16)
  • A simple, low-budget way to motivate employees (p. 24)

The Alberta Broker, August–September 2017 (standard PDF)

Cover Story
Destination: Success

How and why you should sell travel insurance (p. 10)

Also inside

  • Tenant insurance offers such inexpensive peace of mind—make sure your clients don’t ignore the risks (p. 16)
  • Insurance consumers want to do business with you the way they do with Amazon (p. 24)
  • Did you know that education can help you live longer and make more money (plus 8 other benefits)? (p. 30)

The Alberta Broker, June–July 2017 (standard PDF)

Cover Story
Let’s Talk

A conversation with IBAA’s newly elected president, Gerry Baert—spoiler alert: he has a lot to say (p. 16)

Also inside

  • Did you know there’s an exception to the rule that vehicle owners are vicariously liable for those who drive their vehicle? (p. 4)
  • Prevent your best talent from leaving (p. 8)
  • Convention Photo Gallery (p. 30)

The Alberta Broker, April–May 2017 (standard PDF))

Cover Story
Google the Future

A conversation with IBAA 2017 convention keynote speaker Fab Dolan, Head of Marketing for Google Canada (p. 18 followed by a complete convention guide)

Also inside

  • Come out of your shell—Tips for reluctant networkers (p. 28)
  • Should you take CAIB courses in person or online? (p. 34)
  • How tech-current are Alberta’s brokerage? (p. 40)

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The Alberta Broker, February–March 2017 (standard PDF)

Cover Story
The Break Up

A “no-pulled-punches” account of why some clients choose to leave their insurance brokers (p. 10)

Also inside

  • An interesting case about when an insurer has a “duty to defend” (p. 6)
  • The social media world continues to evolve at a breakneck pace—read what industry experts anticipate as the medium’s top trends for 2017 (p. 16)
  • All brokers need to earn 15 CE credits annually—what they need and how they get it is an entirely different matter (p. 28)


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The Alberta Broker, December 2016–January 2017 (standard PDF)

Cover Story
Rebuilding Fort McMurray
Stories from the Industry's Perspective

Also inside

  • With the Liberal government undertaking an “in-depth review” of the Bank Act, brokers must take action to protect consumers (p. 18)
  • Through the effort to help Fort McMurray recover, what have we learned? (p. 20)
  • How brokers can help Fort Mac clients (or any clients who have suffered a catastrophic loss) be proactive in the claims process (p. 26)

The Alberta Broker, October–November 2016 (standard PDF)

Cover Story
Cyber Risk—Know. Prevent. Protect. What risks does the cyber world pose to you and your clients’ businesses? How can you prevent cyber losses, and what insurance protection is available should the worst happen?
(p. 16)

Also inside

  • Tick. Tock. Delaying the sale or purchase of a brokerage could cost more in taxes (p. 15)
  • Beware: That marketing slogan may sound good but can pose an E&O risk (p. 28)
  • Plan your fall education (p. 36)

The Alberta Broker, August–September 2016 (standard PDF)

Cover Story
Resistance is futile—doing business in the digital world is “The New Normal” (p. 16)

Also inside

  • It’s been five (long?) years since George Hodgson became IBAA’s CEO. Here’s what he’s observed (p. 14)
  • A hard market can deliver some tough lessons (p. 28)
  • “Northern Exposure” is back. Portage Mutual’s Tracy Fata takes on the Northern Alberta who-what-where beat (p. 32)

The Alberta Broker, June–July 2016 (standard PDF)

Cover Story

Julia Marshall is taking on her role as 2016–2017 IBAA president with a focus on the opportunities and challenges that technology presents to the broker channel. Learn more about Julia and her take on industry issues (p. 16)

Also inside

  • It’s IBAA membership dues renewal time. … what exactly does your association do? (p. 12)
  • Selling or merging a brokerage? Have you considered E&O implications? (p. 29)
  • For your clients: six coverages to check for in their boat insurance policies (p. 38)

The Alberta Broker, April–May 2016 (standard PDF)

Cover Story
Interview with Richard Bartrem, VP Marketing Communications
How WestJet differentiates itself by connecting with, and caring for, passengers and the public … and how insurance brokers can, too. (p. 22)

Also inside
  • The who, what, and where (which add up to the why) of the 2016 IBAA convention, including a head start on the CEO panel Q&A and some networking tips. (p. 21)
  • PYIB’s Jonathon Brown poses the question: What value do you bring? (p. 20)
  • Have or want commercial clients in the cargo transportation business? Peter Rogers and Pat Hagel of Rogers Insurance review the information you and your clients need to know to ensure proper coverage. (p. 44)

The Alberta Broker, February–March 2016 (standard PDF)

Cover Story
So Clients Want to Talk Only Premium? Time for a Sales Paradigm Shift (p. 14)

Also inside
  • Can a broker be liable for "Unintended" material misrepresentation? (p. 20)
  • Making the case for a national flood program (p. 24)
  • If your client is responsible for the care, custody, or control of another's vehicle, garage insurance is in order. (p. 26)


The Alberta Broker, December 2015–January 2016 (standard PDF)

Cover Story
Man-to-Man Coverage
Every MLA and MP (over 250 are rookies) needs to hear from an IBAA member ASAP! (p. 12)

Also inside
  • Should you recommend claims-made or occurrence coverage? (p. 6)
  • Liability risks and concerns about autonomous vehicles (p. 30)
  • Adapting to the shared economy (p. 36)

The Alberta Broker, October–November 2015 (standard PDF)

Cover Story
Uber Ride Sharing
Are your customer’s covered? (p. 12)

Also inside
  • Faster service for clients, lower costs for your brokerage (p. 6)
  • What you need to understand about contractor’s equipment coverage (p. 16)
  • What type of course IS the best way to prepare for your CAIB exams? (p. 26)

The Alberta Broker, August–September 2015 (standard PDF)

Cover Story
The Customer Experience
Shifting Perception from PRICE to VALUE (page 10)

Also inside
  • Your clients just started a home-based business—ensure you’ve got them covered (p. 16)
  • Find tools and information to help you navigate the marketplace now that overland water coverage is “available” (p. 26)
  • What happened to the driver who forgot to renew her license and then, you guessed it, was involved in a collision? (p. 36)

The Alberta Broker, June–July 2015 (standard PDF)

Cover Story
Revved Up
Find out more about IBAA’s new president Robyn Young and her passion for her business, industry, and the association (p. 22)

Also inside
  • Overland flood coverage hits Alberta’s home insurance market (p. 6)
  • Understanding sub-limits and extensions of coverage (p. 16)
  • Brokers are at risk every time a carrier or a client makes a change—learn how to minimize your E&O exposure (p. 30)

The Alberta Broker, April–May 2015 (standard PDF)

Cover Story
Passion Player—Paul Brandt—IBAA Convention Keynote Speaker
Paul Brandt has a lot to say about what it means to live, and fail, with passion (p. 8)

Also inside
  • Ever had a client contend that he would have purchased coverage if only you’d told him about it? (p. 24)
  • There’s a new tool you can use to show you care about the safety of your clients’ children (p. 44)
  • Read about all there will be to see, do, and learn at the IBAA convention in our guide (p. 33) and get tips on how to get the most value from your experience (p. 52)


The Alberta Broker, February–March 2015 (standard PDF)

Cover Story
The Art of NOT Selling
18 Ways to Sell Insurance Under the Radar on Social Media—where users want to be social, not to be sold to (p. 6)

Also inside
  • IBAC reveals light at the end of the tunnel with the tech solution that will finally put an end to dual processing (p. 15)
  • Insuring marijuana grow ops (p. 16)
  • IBAA announces a suite of "Sage Business Boosters"—from apps that reduce staff processing time or help your clients mitigate flood damage (p. 35) to programs that can reduce electricity costs by 25% or eliminate debit/credit card processing (p. 30)
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