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Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB) Testimonials

Professionalism of Insurance Brokers Soars—CAIB Testimonials

  • "Although achieving my CAIB designation required a considerable commitment of time and effort, I feel it was worthwhile in every respect. I consider the knowledge gained to be crucial when doing the work necessary to be a broker. I am more confident in my dealings with clients and coworkers, knowing a certain knowledge level has been earned. I would recommend the CAIB designation to anyone who chooses an insurance broker as a long-term career."
    —Dean Foster, BrokerLink
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  • “I completed my licensing courses through the IBAA immersion program. It was a great way to jump into the fire of being a broker. As a lifelong learner, I wanted to further my knowledge as a broker. The first thing that came to mind was CAIB. I planned out my levels to suit my schedule. IBAA offered many times and varied ways to learn (immersion, self-study, and discussion group) that allowed me to fit them in as I had the time.

    "Call me old fashioned, but I started at 1 and proceeded to 4. I used a combination of discussion group and immersion courses offered through IBAA. I would like to credit some of my success in the completion of my CAIB not only to the instructors provided by IBAA but also to my classmates. I would also like to congratulate those great brokers that I was able to network with at my sessions.”
    —Caleb Maksymchuk, Ravenhill Agencies

  • “I recently completed the CAIB Self-Study program. My self-study relied on both the official CAIB course materials as well as the comprehensive CAIB resources available online. This course provided me with a solid foundation in all the major functions an insurance broker is expected to perform. The knowledge the CAIB course equipped me with has greatly added to my confidence in providing value to my clients. IBAA was very responsive and accommodating throughout my self-study program. I was able to complete this course in an accelerated timeline and graduate with honours. I am so delighted I took this program and would highly recommend it to both new and seasoned brokers. Thank you IBAA!"
    —Trevor Kuntz, Western Financial Group

  • “I have trouble with self-study and being able to focus at home or at the office and was very happy to see the options available through IBAA. To get my designation I tried the discussion group, immersion, and fast track, found all of them to be extremely beneficial, and was able to pass each CAIB level the first time. The instructors’ examples were very helpful, and they made learning insurance interesting. For those trying to decide which study path to take (and if you can have the time to be away from work), I found immersion to be the best option as you have no distractions for the week and then you write the exam with no down time to potentially forget anything. I also appreciated being able to do it at my own pace and that you do not have to do them in order.” — Dawn Mickle, Rogers Insurance

  • “I am a huge fan of the CAIB immersion program. I highly encourage my staff to take this program. I think it is a very attainable goal for most of the working moms in our industry. The courses have always played a huge role in my learning. I am not self-motivated and I am easily distracted and bored by just reading, so the immersion course is perfect for me. I also enjoyed the debates and conversation with other insurance professionals—those also helped me immensely.

    "Thank you for providing such wonderful and knowledgeable instructors (Debra Cartier and Brian Speirs were mine). That is the key!”
    —Lareese Graf, Excel Insurance Group

  • “I had taken all of my CAIB exams through the self-study process. Having been in the insurance industry for less than a year, I felt CAIB was a good place to start to build my foundation of knowledge. I feel CAIB has helped my career by focusing on concepts that I was familiar with yet would feel uncomfortable having to explain to a client. After each exam, I felt much more confident with the material. Overall, CAIB has been a beneficial experience that I will be able to build off going forward in my career.”
    —Tyson Klassen, Foster Park Baskett Insurance

  • “I completed CAIB 1 through self-study as I took it shortly after the completion of my Level 2 General Licensing, and the material covered in CAIB 1 was pretty similar to the AIC Level 1 and Level 2. For CAIB 2, 3, and 4, I attended the immersion one-week courses in Calgary and was more than pleased with them. The studying in the classroom was interactive and the stories from our instructors who had years and years of experience in the insurance business were helpful to relate to the material that was covered. For me and a few others, our homes were a few hours away, so we were forced to travel to attend the courses and stay at hotel rooms in the same building as the courses were held. This created a perfect study environment, being away from the everyday stress and paired up with other dedicated students. We all helped each other every night after classes and Debra [Cartier], who was our CAIB 4 instructor, even joined in on some of the study sessions—she was outstanding at teaching and offered all the help we asked for. She was prepared to put her social life aside for a week and work hard with us to achieve our goals and do well. Brian [Speirs] taught me CAIB 2 and 3. While he was very knowledgeable and brought a number of years of experience as a claims adjuster, his classes were a little less interactive. However, he helped us relate a lot of the material to real life stories he experienced in the claims department over the years. He pointed out why certain coverages are important by sharing examples of past claims. This helped us visualize some of the material that seemed very dry at first.

    "Overall, I would recommend taking the classes over self-study any day: one week of putting your life on hold and power studying every minute you get with other dedicated students from all across Alberta. It was hard work but a fun experience and I have managed to keep in contact with a couple of amazing people I met and spent every day with to study after classes. It is well worth having the experience and guidance from the wonderful instructors, rather than frustrating yourself with the dry material, trying to study at home while your everyday stress is holding you back."
    —Susanne Burgman, Crowsnest Agencies
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