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Telepro Online Program


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Course Description

12.0 CE credits for General, Adjuster, Accident & Sickness, and Life licenses
approximately 12 hours, $199.00 (prices may change without notice: consult the VuBiz website)

Optimize your telephone effectiveness and improve difficult areas of customer interaction such as language accents, regaining control of the call, and resolving conflict. Hone your skill in telephone procedure and management, speaking, listening, communication, interpersonal relations, teamwork, cultural diversity, selling, and organization.

12 Required Modules

Before the Call
Maximize your message by preparing yourself, your work station, and your information before making a telephone call.

Making the Connection
Master the vocal skill of pitch, inflection, volume, rate of speech, and clarity to optimize your telephone effectiveness.

Establishing Rapport
Learn tools such as an effective greeting, a fresh sound or approach, use of the customer's name, and common verbal courtesies to create a respectful bond with customers.

Maintaining Rapport
Learn to match your vocabulary to the customer’s and to avoid jargon, ways to ask tactfully for information, and to acknowledge the customer’s questions.

Find some techniques to keep the customer involved, avoid “dead air,” and add value to the closing.

Creating a Climate for Rapport
Learn to use positive wording with customers and coworkers, avoid irritants and "hot buttons," and leave behind leftover negative emotions such as worry, anxiety, or concern.

Effective Listening
Learn a variety of effective listening responses to avoid mental drift and to underline your attention, sincere empathy, or involvement.

Develop active listening to show your understanding and techniques to identify and remove barriers.

Communicating Through Accents
Explore effective methods for communicating with people who have accents, with those whose first language is not English, and with those whose speech is difficult to understand.

Questioning Skill
Examine a thorough questioning process that includes appropriate wording, active listening, and open- and closed-ended questions in order to manage the call and resolve customer issues.

Holding and Transferring
Learn to manage the call effectively with the “hold” feature, to reconnect appropriately with a customer after using the "hold" feature, to re-engage quickly with a customer who has spent a longer time on hold than promised, and to transfer calls professionally.

Establishing Control
Learn how to eliminate habits that lead to loss of control, to identify and correct behaviours that communicate lack of confidence, and to identify those that promote confidence and control of the call, including focus on the customer and positive self-assessment.

Regaining Control of the Call
Learn the careful use of interjection, phrases that connect and redirect, and closed- and open-ended questions to regain control of the call’s direction and focus.

Positive Call Management
Learn steps that will allow you to maintain positive control of the difficult situation and the call.

Develop strategies to communicate the information effectively, avoid arguing with customers, solve issues without escalating the request to a supervisor, and avoid common call mismanagement habits.

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